Hi, I'm Lacy!

What if I look too posed?

How do I avoid looking awkward in front of the camera?

How will I know if we are going to vibe with our photographer?

Where do we start with planning an intimate wedding?

Before we get to know each other, I want to give you the reassurance your soul and mind are longing for. Chances are, this is probably one of your first times getting photographed professionally together. Anddd it can be scary being in front of the camera, so I'm wondering...have any of these thoughts been on your mind?

Those thoughts and feelings are completely normal. This is where I come in. My purpose and mission at every session are to have you feeling so comfortable that you forget you’re being photographed.

"Lacy knows how to bring a dream to life. She has such a creative mind and is able to capture real life moments and make them look natural and effortless."


One of the most beautiful parts of life is that we get to continue growing throughout it. Like, imagine if you stayed like your middle school self forever???! HAHA I don’t know anybody that wants that. Growth and change are two constants in life and we should embrace them.

You’re about to start your life with your significant other. This day only happens once. All of your moments of growth and change in life deserve to be documented. These are the moments that you can see your growth in a tangible way.

Photography is so rad for that reason. It can capture how you’re feeling, where you are at, and where you are going. I hope to be there during that process for you as you navigate your new journey together. I vow to be the photographer who will be supporting you, cheering you on, and encouraging you through all of your moments of growth.

Why It All Matters Anyways!!!!

A handful of the humans that have trusted me to document their stories

"Going through the photo session, it felt like we were all actually friends! From the beginning to the end it felt like you were not so much a stranger meeting us for the first time, but someone we had known for awhile. That helped make me and my fiance very comfortable being ourselves and confident for our pictures."


Brand Insight





Intimate wedding + elopement photography documenting intentional days filled with irreplaceable moments leaving couples with tangible memories that they can feel.

Documentation that captures your connection with your significant other throughout your lives.

Things that make my heart skip a few beats.

Ahhh I'm literally thrilled you are here, on my website. Welcome, welcome! I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Vegas will always be home and I truly cherish the community there, it feels like family. After high school, I got my Associate's Degree from SUU and am currently working toward my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management at UVU.

My husband, Cooper and I got married during the COVID-19 pandemic and had the cutest intimate wedding, and that is the beginning of where my love for intimate weddings and elopements started. I have had a camera in hand since middle school, but got more serious about it my senior year of high school. I have a plethora of memories taking pictures with my friends in the desert.

Since then, I can't imagine ever putting down my camera. It makes me feel alive. Other things that make me feel alive are: Cooper, gardening, floating the river, farm animals, my parent's dog—Buddy, my family, Christ, and all of the intimate moments that life gives us. My dream is to own a homestead of my own one day complete with cows, pigs, chickens, bees, etc. Overall, I'm grateful for you and hope you'll stay awhile :)

This is the part where you tell me that you reallllly want to work with me, right?

Because I feel the same about you, so let's get the conversation started :)