Albion Basin Campground Anniversary Photos

It was incredible to work with Josie and Christian again! I photographed their wedding a few years back and this session was a beautiful anniversary session for them to document their love as it has progressed over the years.

We took their anniversary photos at Albion Basin Campground. This is at the very top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Within Albion Basin, there are ski areas everywhere and it is truly breathtaking to be able to view the mountainous areas all around you.

Once you get to the entrance of Albion Basin, there is a $10 fee to enter. I would recommend driving a car that is a little lifted off of the ground so that you can get past some of the bumpier areas. If you drive a sedan, it might scrape the bottom of your car up as you go over some of the areas on the dirt road.

Once inside the basin, it is a 15mph speed limit due to the uneven road. However, it is the preferred speed limit because it allows you to really soak in all of the beauty within the area. It is filled with huge pine trees, wildflowers, and a creek that runs through the area.

Wildflowers usually come up in July at this spot which is when the area gets extremely busy and filled with photoshoots. We went at the beginning of September which I think was a perfect time! There was hardly anyone there, so we had lots of space and time to roam around and enjoy the scenery while taking photos.

We parked at the main parking lot area and then just wandered around the beautiful area. One thing that is unique to Little Cottonwood Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon is the huge granite rocks. They act as a perfect prop to sit or stand on for your photos. Definitely use them to your advantage.

Another thing to note if taking photos at Albion Basin Campground is to not pick the flowers. Leave them be. Feel free to take photos of them, but be sure to leave them in the ground so they can continue to grow for years into the future. It is a gift that we get to enjoy this magical spot, so let’s keep it magical by leaving nature as it is. The best time to take photos at Albion Basin Campground in Utah is during the summer time. During the summer, the temperatures raise and it gets extremely green. It also has a beautiful hike to Cecret Lake. It is an uphill hike that leads you to a lake tucked away in the mountainside. It is worth the fairly short hike and I would recommend doing it in the summertime.

If you want photos in these beautiful mountainous areas, fill out my contact form today to get on my calendar! Also, if you are recently engaged, check out these tips to help you make the most out of your engagement session!

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