Bonneville Salt Flats Bridal Portraits

Oh how I wish I could have every session in this pretty scape! The Bonneville Salt Flats were a dream to finally visit! This location is about 1.15 hours from Salt Lake City, UT based near Wendover, NV. You’ll drive for a hot minute in the middle of no where so be sure to put on one of your favorite podcasts to pass the time. Once you get there, be sure to get off on the Eastbound Rest Area. Once you get out of the car, the flats will be just to your right. Plan time to walk for about 10 minutes so that you can get a good spot away from other people that are there as well.

We started off this session with a first look which was so beautiful! Samantha and Colin are such a fun couple to be around and you can feel the connection that they have. It really was so awesome just to run around the salt flats all night and capture the beautiful love that these two share! One of the coolest parts of the salt flats was just how the floor was all salt. It covered the whole area and really brought out the details in their outfits! Taking your bridal portraits at golden hour just adds a new level of romance to the evening because the sun was setting behind them and they were able to dance around in the natural light.

After your session, you’ll probably be starving so I recommend stopping at In N Out! It’ll do the trick and give you enough energy to drive the rest of the way home. If you want to have your photos taken in this pretty location, fill out my contact form and we can start planning your session!⚡️

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