Hatcher Pass Alaska Minimalist Elopement

If you are looking to elope in a place of complete serenity and beauty that you have never before seen, choose Hatcher Pass. It is a 1 hour and 15-minute drive from Anchorage, Alaska, and well worth it. When you get to Hatcher Pass, you drive through the most remarkable scenery around wherever you look.

Jodie and Kevin were down for a hike so we climbed up the mountainside which led to a beautiful lake from glacier runoff. There were all sorts of greens and blues and shades of yellow where the sun was hitting the mountainside. Our florist set up a beautiful white rose arch for the sweet couple to stand in and read their vows to each other. The white roses were the perfect color for the colorful backdrop and really brought things together.

Jodie and Kevin wandered around the mountain tops kissing and having sweet intimate moments together. Their vows encompassed their personalities and love, beautifully, and it was incredible to share these tender moments with them. We began the hike around 7:45pm and stayed until the sun went over the mountains. Alaska summer days last long which is perfect for late-night photoshoots.

If you’re thinking about eloping with your sweet lover in Alaska, choose Hatcher Pass. To book your elopement, fill out my contact form today!

Dress: Raw Golden Rentals

Florist: Designed by Kenn

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