Tibble Fork Reservoir Engagements – Jill + Jim

THE LOVE IN THE AIR WAS SO PRESENT! Jill and Jim drove up to Utah from Las Vegas to have their engagements taken at Tibble Fork Reservoir and it was SUCH A GOOD TIME! Tibble Fork Reservoir honestly has some of the best locations for photos which always makes it a really popular place for photoshoots!

There is a big dam ledge that you can walk out on and it makes for such beautiful images with Mount Timpanogos in the background. First, we walked out on the ledge and started pretty simple with posing prompts. I like to have my couples warm up to the idea of being in front of my camera so being very simple and easy going in the beginning is super important.

After that, we walked down onto the Reservoir. Like we were literally walking on top of it. It freezes over in the winter so you can walk on it. I brought out a blanket so we could take some images of them sitting and they were so cozy with each other, it was BEAUTIFUL to say the least!

Jill and Jim have been dating since high school which makes them high school sweethearts! They are actually the cutest couple and have such good energy between them. They both make each other laugh and just had the best time goofing on together! Also can we talk about how they are actual models??!! Like they look so happy and perfect in front of the camera. Made it look like a piece of cake!

Cannot wait for their wedding this summer in Las Vegas! Hope you enjoy scrolling through these cute images! Want photos like these? Fill out my contact form HERE to get in touch!

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