Provo Canyon Engagement Photos in pretty field – Camryn + Hank

Camryn and Hank were such a dream to shoot with! We all used to work together at the same company and I was able to watch their love grow over time! They were recently engaged and it was time to take some engagement photos!

This night was absolutely gorgeous. The sun stopped by for the entire session and it truly was a golden evening! Something that sets me apart from other photographers is that I strive to customize my sessions to match the personality of the couple and tell their love story.

Trust me, you do not want your photos to look like your friends who just got theirs taken. You want yours to stand apart from the crowd. What makes this big difference? Take a scroll through these photos and you will be able to feel how much fun these two had during their session! They were focused on each other the entire time and it allowed them to be fully present with each other rather than posing perfectly for the photos.

The photos that you DESERVE will tell your story. My promise to you as a photographer is that you will be able to feel during your session. Feel love, passion, romance, goofiness, and pure joy. If you want to have photos that tell your true self, fill out my contact form and we can get chatting about the entire process!

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