Rainy Sailboat Elopement in Alaska

This session was breathtaking. We were in a small coastal town on the edge of Alaska called Seward. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from Anchorage, AK. When you pull into town, there is a little bay to your left. It is filled with lots of boats and there was even a cruise ship that had docked while we were there.

Prior to setting sail, the rain started to come down. It rained the whole time, but something about the rain made it feel like a movie. The couple was so playful and fun which made for a good time on the boat. The boat was rented through Resurrectionn Bay Sailing Charters and they did a phenomenal job! Kate and Nate were our captains and were extremely helpful the entire time on our boat ride.

Designed by Kenn did the beautiful floral installment on the boat which was stunning! If you are planning to elope on a sailboat, I would recommend planning for about 2 hours on the water. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and capture the images you want for your elopement day.

After your boat ride, I would recommend having your photographer come along while you walk along the coast/beach and skip stones or look for seals. Another thing to be mindful of during your sailboat session is preparing for anything. Some coastal locations can have quite unpredictable weather which can make it hard to know what to expect. Plan on embracing the weather! It is all part of the rad experience that you are embarking on together.

If you are eloping anytime soon, fill out my contact form on my website to inquire about your date! I would be happy to document this new adventure that you are about to embark on together as a couple. To see another beautiful Alaskan elopement, check out this blog post!

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