Red Rock Canyon Engagement Photos — 11 tips for making the most out of your engagement session

This engagement session at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, NV was truly beautiful! Alisa and Isaiah are getting married in the fall of this year and it was wonderful to be able to meet them and get to know them better during their session! We jammed out to some good music and laughed the entire session! The weather was magical and we had the best time chasing the sun during golden hour.

Speaking of engagement sessions, here are 11 tips for making the most out of your engagement session: (trust me, you are going to want to follow ALL of these!!!!!!!)

  1. Communicate with your photographer beforehand so you know exactly what to expect prior to the session. This could be: how long the session will last, what to expect at the session, where to meet, what time to meet, etc.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes that will go well with the landscape that you are shooting in. (i.e. if you are hiking to a spot, bring hiking shoes and then change into cute tennis shoes once you get to the spot)
  3. Make the day as stress free as possible and plan extra time to get to the location just in case there is traffic, etc. the day of.
  4. Avoid all arguments with your significant other that day and make it a day of serving each other and prioritizing helping each other get ready. Try to find ways to make their life easier that day.
  5. Make sure to eat a snack prior! If you get hangry if you have not eaten, then be sure to eat some snacks before the session to ensure that you will be in a good mood!
  6. Bring a few outfits! This allows for more variety in your engagement gallery and it’s always fun to have photos in different outfits! I always recommend wearing one formal and one casual outfit.
  7. Wearing outfits that you feel comfortable in. If you constantly have to readjust your outfit, it may distract you during the session so you won’t feel like your true comfy self. If you book your engagement session with me, I send over a “What to Wear” guide that goes over great ideas and options for your wardrobe choices! To see more ideas, here is my Pinterest board with better visuals!
  8. Focus on each other, not the photographer. If the photographer says to look at the camera, be sure to do that, but the best photos I have found are the ones where you are focusing on each other during the session.
  9. Ask your photographer what the turn around time is for your engagement photos, so you can make sure you have them back in time to save the date or your wedding invitations.
  10. Send a playlist to your photographer of your favorite songs that can be played during your session. Trust me, you will be automatically more comfortable during your session if you get to listen to your favorite tunes!
  11. Make a date night out of it! After the session, go out to dinner, watch a movie, or get dessert to celebrate each other and cross off another task off the to-do list. Celebrate all of the little things throughout the whole wedding planning process 🙂

YAYYYY! You made it!!!! By following these steps, your engagement session can be the magical time you deserve with your significant other! Oh and if you want to have cute photos like the ones below with your lover, fill out my contact form here to get in touch today!

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