Snow Canyon State Park Bohemian Bridals

Snow Canyon State Park and these two did NOT DISAPPOINT! Literally in awe of them both. Erin and Daniel were absolute naturals in front of the camera, which made it so easy to tell their love story in the purest way. We started out at the Snow Canyon State Park overlook. This spot is perfect because you get the insane view, without all the walking! Most people drive into the park and then climb all over the rocks just to get to their spot, but if you don’t want to get your dress dirty until later, this spot if for you! You just drive right up, park, walk a few steps, and then you end up at this incredible view. A view worth talking about, am I right?!

The first look which was so special. The look on Daniel’s face was priceless and you could feel the love in the air so easily. Erin’s dress was absolutely breathtaking.

Fun little story: Erin and I went to college together and literally have so many special memories together. We had so much fun in college going on adventures, all while trying to pass our classes at the same time hahaha. Meeting Daniel was so awesome because I quickly realized how perfect they are together. They compliment each other in the best way which was most beautiful thing to see.

How rad is it that when you find your person, everything just feels so much easier and right?! Like the conversations flow easier, you feel at home now matter where you are together, and it’s like you found your long lost best friend. These two truly have such a special connection and it is amazing to see them show their love for each other so easily.

After we finished up at the overlook, we drove into the park and walked around on the red rocks. It was magical and perfect in all the right ways. Then we drove over to the sand dunes where Erin and Daniel got to run around together in the sand. Erin even slipped her shoes off and just had a grand ole time running around with her lover. Snow Canyon State Park did not disappoint for sure!!! Also if you need a good place to eat at for lunch or dinner, definitely go to The Pizza Factory and order the breadsticks. You can thank me later. If you start to drool over these photos just like I did, fill out my contact form so we can start planning your dreamy day just like this one! Cheers!

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