Brighton Ski Resort Couples photos

Summer Big Cottonwood Canyon Couples Session – Heidi + Joseph

We came across this breathtaking mountainside as we were looking for a good place to take pictures for these two couple’s session! This location is really close to Brighton Ski Resort in Utah and was beautiful in all the right ways.

This was my first time meeting Heidi and Joseph and they really stole the show! As soon as they got in front of my camera, they were ready and prepared for the session in all the best ways. They were so comfortable and in love which made it such a relaxed session.

Something I loved about this location was how versatile it was. There was a little stream that ran through the bottom of the mountainside which made for fun pictures! Next to the mountainside, there were large pine trees and big granite rocks. We were able to use those to get a better variety in the session. It was wonderful to shoot at this location because Brighton Ski Resort is not very busy during the summer time because it is known for their winter activities, so if you want a more private session, this location is perfect for you!

This is honestly one of those locations that I wait all winter for so that I can shoot at. The wildflowers, the tall grass, the rushing water of the stream, the pine trees fill me with energy!! Before my sessions, I always lay out good expectations so that my couples know what to do so they do not feel awkward or uncomfortable. I wanted them to feel energized and confident while they are in front of the camera.

If you want to shoot at this location, fill out my contact form HERE!

If you want to check out more of Brighton Ski Resort, check out this link HERE!

There are also many different hikes around Big Cottonwood canyon so if you are into hiking, HERE is a good place to check for hikes! My favorite is donut falls!

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