What season should you plan your engagement session in?

The seasons are all so vastly different and it is important to take that into consideration when planning your engagement session or wedding. Below you can find lots of great information about what it looks like to take photos in each season.


Since this season is the transition between winter and summer, it has a very big contrast of what it looks like over time. Towards the beginning of spring, you can expect a few snow storms or cold fronts. Towards the middle to end of spring, it has gotten warm enough that trees and other plants begin to bloom. If you are looking to take photographs with beautiful tree blossoms and plants beginning to turn green—spring sessions are for you. This season is also great for shooting indoors if it is still too cold to shoot outside comfortably. The photo above was taken at the beautiful Mt. Charleston just outside of Las Vegas, NV.


I may be biased, but summer is my favorite time to take photos! In July, wildflowers blossom in the canyons and they are the beautiful backdrop for your photos! Since summer is the warmest month of the year, escaping to the canyons is a great place to go for some cooler temperatures. Everything is green and flourishing out in nature and it is the perfect time to take photos in meadows, near forestry areas, and near lakes or rivers. The photo above was taken at Hatcher Pass in Alaska.


Fall is a beautiful and busy season of the year. The leaves up the canyons begin to change colors—red, yellow, orange—setting a beautiful landscape for photographs. This is a popular season for family photos and some popular areas can get oversaturated, so it is important to scout out less popular areas if you want some more privacy for your session or wedding. Due to the cooler temperatures that are accompanied by fall, it is perfect to wear sweaters, overalls, jackets, etc. to your shoot. Photoshoots are way more enjoyable if you feel comfortable, so dress accordingly! The photo above was taken near Brighton Ski Resort in Utah.


They don’t call it a winter wonderland for no reason. Winter can be an awesome time of the year for photos as long as you are dressed accordingly! Again, great time for lots of layers, sweaters, coats, thermals, etc. Shooting during this season can get very cold, so it is also a great idea to bring hand warmers or extra jackets or blankets to your shoot. A great idea for winter shoots is to bring hot cocoa in some thermoses so that after the shoot, you can warm up quicker! Be sure to keep an eye on the weather if you are wanting to take photos when it is snowing. This photo was taken at Tibble Fork Reservoir in Utah when the reservoir freezes over in the winter.

Regardless of the season that you choose, every season has its own unique beauty to it. You can make any season look good and I would love to capture these sweet moments for you! It is totally up to you on what season you like the look of best for your photos! Here are 11 tips to make the most out of your engagement session! Fill out my inquiry form today for your engagements or wedding photos.


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