What to Expect at an Engagement Session with Lacy Barnson Photo

SO YOU’RE ENGAGED??!!? OR GOING TO BE SOON??!! First off, CONGRATS!!! This is such an exciting and epic season in your life and should be treated as SUCH!🥳

This is the part where I tell you what a session with me looks like! I feel like when you know what to expect for things helps you to feel more secure and organized in what you signed up for! Upon filling out the contact form, you can expect to hear back from me within 24 hours. After that, I send you a link to hop on a quick phone call to get to know each other better, talk about what you are wanting, and all the fun things. From there, I require a retainer to hold your date and I send over a contract for you to sign. Once those are done, you are BOOKED!

Soon after you are booked, I send over an email to let you know you are booked and tell you what you can expect next. I send over two things leading up to your engagement session.

  1. What to Wear guide: This is a guide I made to help you get a better idea of what to wear to your session. It is filled with color ideas, outfit options, and comes with examples so you can get a better visual or pairing outfits together.
  2. Couples Questionnaire: This questionnaire is literally where the MAGIC HAPPENS!🤩 I ask lots of deep, fun questions to get to know more about your relationship. This helps me to be able to customize your session to fit YOU! It wouldn’t make sense if you just met up on the day of your session and I was supposed to capture your love without even knowing much about the two of you?????🥴 After the questionnaire is filled out, I sit down and craft out posing prompts for the two of you. I use the questionnaire to help me come up with prompts that will tell your story in the best and most real way.


I message you letting you know what I will be driving so you know what to look for. We meet up and walk out to wherever we are going to have the photoshoot. We chat, laugh, and have fun. Then I set up my gear, tell you guys to just hang out, and I turn on some music that you like to SET THE MOOD, BABY!

To begin, I will give you tips on how to get the best photos & more. Then we get started. I give you general prompts and then we just have fun. Honestly the vibe I go for is more of a date night. If you are more focused on spending time with your lover, then the whole session will feel like a fun, connective date!

After the session, we say our goodbyes, I let you know when you can expect a sneak peek and the full gallery to be delivered. So there ya have it. The full process of what an engagement session with me looks like!


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