Why It Is Important To Hire A Photographer That Can Tell Your Love Story

Have you ever scrolled on instagram looking for a photographer and found that they use the same poses for most of their photoshoots? To be honest it kind of SCARES ME. Why? Because when you hire a photographer, their job is to tell your love story right?! But how can they do that if they are not customizing your session to YOUR LOVE?

Most photographers are searching in the wrong places. Which is why I look for inspiration FROM MY COUPLES. I want to find inspiration through you! I have systems and processes in place to customize your session to match you.

Sure, you can hire a photographer that will take pretty photos of you, but looking back you won’t connect with those photos. The only memories attached will be the ones of boredom & checking your watch every few minutes wondering when the session will be over because you DID NOT have any freedom to show your love. MY PROMISE to my couples is that they will receive photos that they connect with and look back on and have a huge flood of happy memories than can come racing back because of the customized experience that I provide them!

I want you to take a moment and look at the photo above. Picture yourself in the photo. Would it bring you joy to have these type of photos?

You deserve these kind of photos that make you feel. During your session, you should forget that there is even a camera and photographer present. Forget the poses you had in your head. Forget having your hair look perfect. Instead, think of how much fun you are going to have during one of the most intentional hours of your life, focusing on your significant other, making jokes, goofing off, chasing the sun, forgetting what time it is because you’re having so much fun, and remember how you fell head over heels for your lover. That is my goal for you.

Now say it with me. “I deserve photos that can make me feel.”

Good. If this resonated with you, let’s make it happen! Fill out my contact form HERE & we can start on this adventure together!

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